rainbow barn

Our Land


the gardens


Our gardens feed us and provide the raw materials for our life. We've inherited some mature plantings of fruit and herbs, and we've been planting edible perennials alongside our summer veg. 


English cottage garden meets permaculture food forest.

A small orchard and scattered native fruit tress provide abundant fruits for jam.


The pastures


Twenty acres of cross-fenced pastures on a southwest facing slope. We've got a beautiful old barn where we keep our animals safe at night. One pasture has a natural spring with a seasonal pond. We love this rocky land.


Mix of clover, fescue, rye, orchard grass, and plenty of blackberries.

Organic invasive species remediation in progress to control Scotch Broom, Himalayan Blackberry, and Tansy Ragwort.


the forest


Fifty acres of previously logged forest restoring itself with a little help from us. We're thankful for the logging road that helps us get around our property, but we're only planning on cutting down trees for the health of the forest in the future. 


Mix of old and regrowth Douglas Fir, Big Leaf Maple, and mixed deciduous trees like alder and wild cherry. 

Native plants such as pink-flowering currant, snowberry, serviceberry, elderberry, trillium, orange-flowering honeysuckle, trailing blackberry, salmonberry, and others support wildlife.

Organic Himalayan and Evergreen blackberry removal underway, alongside removal of scotch broom, bracken fern, horsetail, and other common forest and riparian weeds.