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Mini-Nubian Goats

Our herd, founded in 2017 with two bottle-fed baby mini-nubians, continues to grow.

We'll be offering kids in 2019, please contact us to be added to our breeding waiting list.

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What’s a Mini Nubian?

Mini-nubian goats are a cross between standard size Nubian does and smaller Nigerian Dwarf bucks for 1st generation animals. Further generations are bred with mini-nubian bucks producing later generation animals. Our bucks, Chunk and Rock, are 3rd generation mini-nubians out of Breezee Creek’s prolific milking stock. They are dairy goats that consume less feed and take up less space, but still produce large quantities of organic goat milk.

Our herd consists of 8 mini-nubians and 5 full sized nubians. We’ve adopted 2 chubby nigerian dwarfs that needed a new home. Our herd helps us clear out invasive species in our pastures, provide us with endless love and amusement, and soon will be producing dam-raised kids and high-butterfat milk.


Stud Service

We offer stud services of dairy-bred mini-nubians and nubians with splashy markings, roaning, and moonspots. Our bucks bring long ears and good color. Our animals are mild-tempered, friendly, and have regular contact with people of all sizes. We approach animal care from a holistic perspective and our animals have routine visits from our awesome vet.


For Sale

Let us know (  if you’re interested in kids from our first year of breeding in 2019 or looking for stud service for your own breeding program. We’re excited to milk in the spring for raw milk, handmade goat’s milk soap, and cheese available at our farm.

Flock at sunset.

Flock at sunset.

English Heritage Fiber Sheep

We’re breeding for the best fiber possible, and our flock is showing great promise. We have a mix of Romney x Coopworth and Blue-Faced Leicester cross ewes. Our sire Rambo is purebred registered Border Leicester from spinning wool stock in Eastern Oregon. These breed crosses and future lambs out of Rambo are all fine-crimp to tight-curl wool breeds bred for easy lambing and mothering. Our sheep are calm (except for dinnertime!) and easy on fences. They’ve spent time around both our goats and cattle.

We’ve got a number of differently-marked white wool sheep and look forward to dam-raising our spring lambs on 22 acres of organic pasture. Let us know if you’re interested in breeding stock or lambs out of our 2019 first freshener ewes. We have lambswool for sale and expect to shear again in June of 2019.




We’ve got a flock of 25 beautiful egg laying chickens at our back door. We feed organic feed, orchard windfall, and kitchen scraps to our birds. We’ve begun selecting chickens with good temperaments and egg laying for breeding, beginning with large French Black Copper Marans, docile Barred Rocks and Dominiques, plus adorable mottled cochin bantams.


French Black Copper Maran

A large breed with feathered feet, a single comb, and gorgeous dark chocolate brown eggs. Lays about 150 eggs a year.


Plymouth Barred Rock

A friendly layer of light brown eggs, these classic barred single-comb chickens have good personalities and are consistent egg layers, even through winter.



These are rose-combed ‘cuckoo’-feathered birds that are cold hardy and excellent layers of light brown eggs.. They are recognized by the Livestock Conservancy as the first breed of chicken to America.





Return to the wild.

Our property is managed with a holistic view of nature and an effort towards rewilding the parts of the land that aren’t in farm production. We use organic and chemical free methods to control insects and invasive species, and encourage native animals to assist us in this process. We plant and plan for enough abundance to support us and the animals that live alongside us.

The below lists represent observed species in our first year on the property.

Turkey vultures are regular visitors and help to remove carrion from other predatory species.

Turkey vultures are regular visitors and help to remove carrion from other predatory species.

Hummingbird in the evergreen huckleberry.

Hummingbird in the evergreen huckleberry.

Bird Species

  1. Turkey Vulture

  2. Golden Eagle

  3. Red Tailed Hawk

  4. Common Raven

  5. Rufous Hummingbird

  6. Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

  7. Song Sparrow

  8. American Tree Sparrow

  9. House Wren

  10. Spotted Towhee

  11. Dark Eyed Junco

  12. Goldfinch (Lesser)

  13. Barn Swallow

  14. Tree Swallow

  15. Black-capped Chickadee

  16. American Robin

  17. Mourning Dove

  18. California Quail

  19. Western Scrub Jay

  20. Steller’s Jay

  21. Pileated Woodpecker

  22. Red Breasted Sapsucker

  23. Red Naped Sapsucker

  24. Northern Flicker

  25. Cedar Waxwing

  26. Great Blue Heron

  27. Hooded Merganser Duck

  28. Mallard Duck

Mammal Species

Black-tailed Deer
Field Mouse
Long-tailed Weasel

A cougar spotted in our forest.

A cougar spotted in our forest.

A Western Fence Lizard seen all summer long on the boulders surrounding the center garden.

A Western Fence Lizard seen all summer long on the boulders surrounding the center garden.

Reptile & Amphibian Species

Rough Skinned Newt – Taricha granulosa

Pacific Tree Frog – Pseudacris regilla

Western Fence Lizard – Sceloporus occidentalis

Sagebrush Lizard – Sceloporus graciosus

Gopher Snake – Pituophis catenifer

Northwest Garter Snake – Thamnophis ordinoides

Striped Whip Snake – Masticophis taeniatus