Mini-Nubian Goats

Our herd, founded in 2017 with two bottle-fed baby mini-nubians, continues to grow.

We'll be offering kids in 2019, please contact us to be added to our breeding waiting list.

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What’s a Mini Nubian?

Mini-nubian goats are a cross between standard size Nubian does and smaller Nigerian Dwarf bucks for 1st generation animals. Further generations are bred with mini-nubian bucks producing later generation animals. Our bucks, Chunk and Rock, are 3rd generation mini-nubians out of Breezee Creek’s prolific milking stock. They are dairy goats that consume less feed and take up less space, but still produce large quantities of organic goat milk.

Our herd consists of 8 mini-nubians and 5 full sized nubians. We’ve adopted 2 chubby nigerian dwarfs that needed a new home. Our herd helps us clear out invasive species in our pastures, provide us with endless love and amusement, and soon will be producing dam-raised kids and high-butterfat milk.


Stud Service

We offer stud services of dairy-bred mini-nubians and nubians with splashy markings, roaning, and moonspots. Our bucks bring long ears and good color. Our animals are mild-tempered, friendly, and have regular contact with people of all sizes. We approach animal care from a holistic perspective and our animals have routine visits from our awesome vet.


For Sale

Let us know (  if you’re interested in kids from our first year of breeding in 2019 or looking for stud service for your own breeding program. We’re excited to milk in the spring for raw milk, handmade goat’s milk soap, and cheese available at our farm.